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The Hidden Delight of God

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Jesus said, “If the Son sets you free, you shall be free indeed” (John 8:36). So … are you free?

Why is it that almost every believer would answer that question by saying, “Well … sort of.”

Many of us are not “free indeed” because we struggle with embracing God’s delight. And we struggle with God’s lavish, expressive love largely because of our battle with guilt, shame, upbringing issues, or a distorted view of God. 

Identity struggle is simply the human condition, living in a fallen world, and trusting in a God we cannot see.

But what if God has given us a roadmap to experiencing his delight?

I believe he has, and oddly enough, it is in the ancient story of the exodus. 

It is well known that the exodus story—the deliverance from Pharoah and from slavery, the dramatic Passover event, and the journey across a wilderness to the promised land—is an illustration and foreshadowing of the Christian journey, our own exodus from sin through Jesus. What is less known is that the real battle of this journey is a battle for identity.

My goal in writing The Hidden Delight of God is to beckon us further along the journey of identity, dismantling our false narratives, to ground us deeply into the heart of God.

“God delights in his kids. Embracing that statement just might be the most liberating thing in the world.”

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